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Mayuri has always believed in establishing long-term partnerships with its business associates and dealers. We believe that the strength of the companies lies in the strength of its relationships with partners, dealers and customers.
Over the years Mayuri has developed a strong network of 250+ dealers all over India.

With the first company to ideate and execute E-Rickshaw concept, we are the trend-setters in India. We are the most trusted brand in India with the best in class manufacturing plant. Having a capacity to produce 288 E-Rickshaws per day, we are No. 1 E-Rickshaw manufacturer in the industry.


Why Choose Us

Good Quality Products

Good Quality Products

With an ISO Certified 9001: 2005, we offer premium quality products.

Long lasting products

Long lasting products

Our products have a body life of more than 10 years.

Loyalty Programs for Dealers

Loyalty Programs for Dealers

We offer unique loyalty programs to our dealers.

Seek growth with us

Seek growth with us

With a commitment to uplift lives, grow with us when you become a dealer.


Basic Information

How much deposit is required to become a dealer?

We do not take any deposit from the dealer.

Can I take credit for vehicle stock by the company?

We will only send the vehicle on complete payment. We do not issue any credit note.

How many vehicles will I receive by the company?

We will only supply the vehicles as per the dealer’s order.

What is the period of a dealership agreement with the company?

The period of dealership agreement is 3 years, i.e. you will have to get your dealership renewed after 3 years.

Investment and Returns

What is the investment required to start a new dealership?

The investment required to start a new dealership-

  • Land
  • Building
  • Investment of Rs. 3,00,000 to Rs. 5,00,000

What is the return on investment for Mayuri Dealership?

The dealers can expect an investment of an estimated range of 15% to 20% per annum of return on investment.

Support from Company

What support will be given to us by the company?

We will provide all layouts, drawings, and interior designs for the outlet.

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