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Mayuri Delux

delux tyre 1 | Mayuri E-Rickshaw Manufacturers
Front Heavy Duty Shockers

Control the movement of springs in your E-Rickshaw with the help of front heavy shockers.

delux Tyre | Mayuri E-Rickshaw Manufacturers
Alloy Wheels

Experience stronger durability of your E-Rickshaw with alloy wheels

delux shockers | mayuri e-rickshaw manufacturers
Rear Shockers

Experience less movement with the presence of rear shockers in E-Rickshaw.

delux3 | Mayuri E-Rickshaw Manufacturers
Stepney Cover

Be prepared for every journey with the Stepney in your E-Rickshaw.

delux roof | Mayuri E-Rickshaw Manufacturers
FM Radio System

Enjoy every ride with a high-tech FM Radio system installed in the E-Rickshaw

delux 2 | Mayuri E-Rickshaw Manufacturers
Windshield with wiper

Drive confidently in any weather with a new windshield wiper.


Type Brushless DC Motor
Max Power 1200 Watt
Voltage 48 V


Capacity 50 A, 24 Mosphets
Voltage 48 V


Front Telescopic Hydraulic Shockers
Rear Leaf Spring

Tyre Size

Front 3-75-12
Rear 3-75-12


Front Lever Operated, Drum Type
Rear Brake Paddle Operated, Drum Type
Parking Brake Mechinical Hand Lever Operated


High Rigidity Monocoque Type
Wheel Base 2030 MM


Enclosure Aluminum
Dimensions W=150mm, H=85.5mm, D=275mm
Weight  3.5Kg
AC input connector  2meter length with
3core , 3pin AC plug
DC output connector SB50 connector with 2Core cable
AC Input Voltage – range  170 – 300 VAC
Maximum DC Output Voltage 65V ± 0.5V
Charging Time 8 Hours
OutPut 15 A

Over All Dimensions

Wheel Base 2030 MM
Width 970 MM
Length 2580 MM
Height 1800 MM
Ground Clearance 200 MM
Vehicle Weight 280 KG
GVW Rating 676 KG

Unique Features of Mayuri Delux

The best in Class Mileage

Experience the unmatchable power efficiency of E-Rickshaw.

Manufactured with Mayuri Eco Technology

With the advanced technology, we manufacture E-Rickshaw with causing almost zero ecology disruptions.

Advanced 130AH Battery

Ride your E-Rickshaw for longer hours, with enhanced battery power.

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