Top 10 Challenges in Setting Up an Industry

Setting up an industry, especially when it is innovative, poses many problems in its initial phase and during its growth process as well. In a country like India, where it is difficult to source the resources, setting up a manufacturing unit and maintaining it properly would be arduous to the process. Factors such as finances and a good customer base would be other points of concern.

The need for alternatives for fuel is quite crucial at this point when pollution and degradation of nature is the prime concern. As much as it is desired to have vehicles such as E-Rickshaws, which would effectively decrease the pollution rate and increase employment opportunities for the local citizens, setting it up and providing consistent quality would be a lot of work indeed.

challenges in setting up an e-rickshaw manufacturing unit

Mayuri, while it preaches an excellent concept, it is hard for local citizens to accept the ongoing threat of nature as they are not familiar with it. As opposed to the common rickshaws that run more than any other vehicle on Indian roads, E-Rickshaws would undoubtedly be a challenge but also a boon for the society.

Apart from social problems, many other factors could potentially hamper the growth of this venture. Innovation and creativity are much appreciated around the globe, but making it practical and efficient is important. So, by cross-checking the challenges, this company could certainly flourish as it is a unique concept with a touch of indigeneity.

Educating The Public 

The local citizens of India, especially the rickshaw drivers of many places would not have even heard of vehicles operating on alternatives to fuels like diesel or petrol. Therefore, it is quite crucial that the company takes valuable time to educate these people, familiarize them with the advantages of this particular vehicle, the increasing pollution rates and convince them to use them. Forcibly implementing such a unique concept would be an unusual thing to do, so the company, by conducting campaigns and events must reach out to the people who matter in the Rickshaw business.


While the driving factor of a company is reducing pollution, the utmost care must be taken that it does not stray away from its central concept. Substances that might harm nature in the production process must be paid attention to. The company should stay true to its values and encourage more people to follow them.


Since the company has its manufacturing unit set in India itself, sourcing materials would be an issue. The resources needed for an E-Vehicle would take up a major amount of money to import especially due to its large scale. Since it is on a large scale, there is a need to manufacture more vehicles consistently. It should not decrease in quality as there are a lot of competitors with increased quality, and therefore the company has to pay attention to not fall short of excellence and to achieve high standards with the atmosphere in India.

Repair and Maintenance

These vehicles, since they are unique in its field, there would be a lesser amount of people who are familiar with the working and structure of an E-Vehicle. In such a case, customers would find it a hassle to know what exactly is wrong and how to mend the glitch each time the vehicle faces a problem. The customers who live far away from the repair centres would have to go through the trouble to get it fixed.

Problems faced by the Public

Rickshaws are widely popular in India as they are cheaper and do not take too much space on the roads. E-Rickshaws, if it spikes in price, the people who need them would find it difficult to use them. While the general public would readily accept a nature-friendly vehicle, those families with low incomes would only desire a means to travel. Therefore, the prices should be consistent and priced in a way where all the sectors of the society could afford them without expelling any.

Skilled Employees

The company would indeed require skilled workers who can help the company cope with changing work and technological atmospheres. There must be educated employees who are sufficiently informed about the growth and fall of the E-Market, and ways to maintain consistent success. Those employed at the factory must be given lessons and instructions to work effectively so that no mistakes are being made while manufacturing.


Finance is a tricky subject when it comes to such a modern idea put to practice. The materials required to build the vehicle, as well as the batteries used would cost the company well. Making it appealing to the public with the help of advertisements and various programs would also add to the list. Setting up of factories and sourcing the equipment would be further additions. After this initial startup cost, the maintenance price could be estimated and can be taken care of.

Customer Service

The customers of the company should be paid constant attention. The queries regarding vehicle maintenance or other necessities should be timely replied to with precision. A new venture like this would receive a lot of questions concerning every aspect of the company and they should be handled effectively by the company. A slight mistake would make the customer apprehensive of the purchase.

Maintaining a Reputation

The company should maintain its quality and service at all times. They should regularly express their concerns and interests to the customers. They can do so by reminding the customers to do regular check-ups, or by giving tips to their customers on proper maintenance of the vehicle.

As the company says  “The need to switch to eco-friendly resources keeps us on our toes, and we endeavour to transform lives of millions of people.” This is the need of the hour, and the public would be enthralled to accept such a fresh perspective on matters of the environment. These challenges could be effectively curbed with making the company lead itself to success.