Top 6 Advantages of using E-Rickshaws

E-Rickshaws have been used for quite a while in India, but they still haven’t been taken to the mainstream yet. A fresh alternative to non-biodegradable fuels like petrol and diesel – batteries are being used by these rickshaws to reduce the burden on nature and save the environment. The concept of saving the earth and reducing pollution has been a hit among the public, and the introduction of E-Rickshaws has caused a stir as it has a touch of a natural element.

As opposed to the disadvantages of regular rickshaws like being less efficient not having the capabilities in terms of speed and weight load, E-rickshaws are highly useful for society. These are the vehicles of the future and the present, the ones which will help us to protect the earth and carry out our needs in a sustainable manner. 

Advantages of Mayuri E-Rickshaw

Auto-Rickshaws are the most common means of travel on Indian roads. They run for almost the whole day and use up a lot of fuel during this process. Switching to E-Rickshaws would undoubtedly bring about a humongous change in bringing down the pollution level of that area.

India, being one of the most polluted countries in the world requires alternatives such as E-Rickshaws which would bring considerable changes in reducing the pollution index. Efficiency and eco-friendliness being the major concerns, these vehicles could be the key to bring developments in the country regarding technology and making it less toxic or dangerous to visit.


As mentioned before, regular Auto-Rickshaws generate high amounts of pollutants caused by the burning of fuels like diesel and petrol. Not only does this degrade the quality of nature, but it also makes it difficult for the people around to breathe due to the emission of large amounts of smoke. For a country like India with a high pollution index, auto-rickshaws contribute to the growth of this index. The introduction of E-Rickshaws especially in Delhi would make the living conditions more comfortable for the local citizens. Since they use non-pollutant batteries, they don’t release harmful substances in the air. This is desirable for the atmosphere as well as the dwellers in and around that area. It also contributes in the long run, as the pressure on the oil industries could be reduced even by a small fraction, with the benefit of saving the earth alongside it.

Economical and Practical

The fare for regular auto-rickshaws is increasing by the day. Even for small distances, the starting price is being raised. Its purchase and maintenance would take up extra money too. Compared to other vehicles, E-Rickshaws are quite cheap and can be afforded by common men which makes the reach of this product expand over a significant number of citizens. This advantage is not solely restricted to the user, but also to the passengers who would have to pay fares lesser than those with regular rickshaws. Since these vehicles do not use petrol or diesel and use chargeable batteries instead, the travel costs are low, efficient and affordable for all sections of the society.

Easy to Handle

These E-Rickshaws are more comfortable to drive when compared with the arduous task of manually pulled rickshaws. Adding to this, they have comparatively low maintenance than other vehicles. It has a proper and sturdy construction, with a hard chance of breaking apart or getting distorted. E-Rickshaws have the advantage of a greater turning radius than regular rickshaws. Considering the major problem of traffic in India, these rickshaws would be able to cut through the traffic and are exceptionally convenient when it comes to narrow roads in remote areas. The traditional rickshaws are bulky and difficult to take in busy and congested areas, but E-Rickshaws can overcome this difficulty with ease because of their lightweight and efficient structure.

Abundant Opportunities 

E-Rickshaws, being a new venture spreads out with much potential amongst the public. Rickshaw pullers mainly belong to the stratum with low incomes. Bringing such a fresh concept to these people would provide them with a new way of livelihood. With increasing employment opportunities also comes work security to a significant number of families and can give them financial support. Families could buy an E-Rickshaw and operate it effectively which would give them additional income. Repairing and maintaining would be very less frequent than other vehicles since no fuel will be used. According to statistics, it is reported that E-Rickshaws have given job opportunities to over 1 lakh people in Delhi as of now. It could be a lifelong investment for the families since it’s elementary to handle and maintain with a chance to contribute to the betterment of the society.

Comfortable and Safe

E-Rickshaws are incredibly durable and would undoubtedly be a significant investment. They will last longer and will provide additional income with less frequent maintenance. Unlike traditional rickshaws, they produce fewer vibrations and noise, thereby reducing noise pollution. Hence it makes travelling more accessible and more comfortable for both the driver and the passengers. It also ensures a smooth driving experience on the busy and congested Indian roads, with a lesser generation of sound and no pollution at all. Since it runs on batteries, it is safer to use and 100% eco-friendly. With no consumption of non-renewable fuels, it emits no smoke, making it more comfortable for the users and comparatively safer for the environment. Its open structure and secure handling make it user-friendly and enjoyable.

Reuse and Recycle

The main advantage of this vehicle is its batteries which can easily be recharged, which could considerably extend its survival rate. After short periods, the batteries can be charged to ensure smooth running with no breaks or lagging of any sort. Since the basic structure of E-Rickshaws is relatively simple, parts of regular rickshaws could be taken and converted into it. This could significantly contribute to reducing metal scraps or wastes as it engages in reusing the existent vehicles. With this idea, hundreds of rickshaws could be used for a good cause, and a considerable amount of pollution could be reduced.

These are the general benefits of E-Rickshaws; reducing pollution being the primary one. It could be the highest-selling vehicle if the Indian public were fully aware of its uses and benefits. At this moment where pollution is prevalent and factors such as smog being its by-product, unique and environment-friendly concepts such as this with a touch of a natural variant are vital. With advantages such as the upliftment of the lower classes and comfortable travelling, this vehicle could play a significant role in the advancement of the country.