Why India needs more E-Rickshaws

Do you know that the South Asian region is home to about 1.5 million battery-powered, three-wheeled rickshaws? It is a number more significant than the total number of electric passenger cars sold in other regions.

Well, it is an indisputable fact that the E-Rickshaws revolution is gaining popularity in and around India. The mass adoption of electric rickshaws is being driven by pure economics as rickshaw operators opt for silent, low maintenance and low-cost vehicles. Electric rickshaws are preferred over petrol or manual cycle rickshaws as they provide great business and save human effort too. As compared to cycle rickshaw, an electric rickshaw enables the operator to give more rides per day, which generates more profit with less physical effort.

Mayuri E-Rickshaw Manufacturers

Although the market has witnessed significant growth in the recent past, because of the rise in environmental awareness, government initiatives and implementation of stringent regulations to curb environmental degradation. 

No doubt, in the past few years, there has been a massive sale of E-Rickshaws but still, there is a lack of awareness about the benefits of E-Rickshaws in the Indian market.

Let us discuss some key points as to why India needs more E-Rickshaws

Eco-Friendly: Undoubtedly, automobiles have given us a great life of comfort but the major problem is of the pollution caused by them. Major vehicles operate on petrol or diesel which raises the pollution level. But, E-Rickshaws are battery-operated vehicles and hence they are an excellent alternative to petrol/diesel/CNG-driven vehicles which cause pollution. E-Rickshaws operate with a battery and they do not emit smoke. Hence, they are non-polluting and are eco-friendly.

Safety: With petrol/diesel consumption vehicles, comes the safety issue. But the E-Rickshaws are less risky than fuel operating vehicles. They can barely cause any accidents because they are lighter and slower than an auto-rickshaw but faster than a cycle rickshaw.

Economical: As compared to other types of vehicles, E-Rickshaws are quite inexpensive and can be easily afforded by a common man. Not only for the drivers but it is also cheap for the passengers as they have to pay fewer transport charges as compared to the price they pay to travel in cycle rickshaws.

Less Maintenance Required: The E-Rickshaws do not require cumbersome maintenance. E-Rickshaws are more robust in construction as compared to cycle rickshaws. You can also quickly get E-Rickshaw spare parts anywhere.

Excellent Source of Livelihood: E-Rickshaws help with providing a livelihood to the weaker sections of the society which are uneducated and find it difficult to look for a livelihood. E-Rickshaws give jobs to people who can not afford the higher end of transportation.

And apart from all this, these days the E-Rickshaws come with cutting-edge technology and the best in class features. Lately, E-Rickshaw Manufacturers have installed advanced features such as double chassis, heavy-duty shockers, alloy wheels, and a metal roof with a carrier. Mayuri, being the leading manufacturer of E-Rickshaws provides various types of E-Rickshaws such as Mayuri passenger vehicle, Mayuri Loader, Mayuri School Van and Mayuri Dustbin Cart.

Hence, it is a proven fact that E-Rickshaws are the best for Indian roads and that is why India needs more E-Rickshaws. They could prove to be the best way for the people of India to slash their pollutant emissions and take responsibility for their local air quality.

Final Word

The analysis has shown that electric power is much better to use in terms of emissions, efficiency and operational costs. However, there is a limited range of electric vehicles because of the change in infrastructure and low awareness among the consumers about these vehicles. There is a significant role of public policy and vehicle marketing in promoting electric vehicles. As the pollution level continues to rise, the need for E-Rickshaws will continue to rise.