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Core Pillars which make Mayuri stand way ahead from its competitors

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Customer comes first

We believe in providing our customers value for money.

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High Quality

With an ISO 9001: 2005 certified company, we manufacture good quality E-Rickshaws.

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With the help of the best resources in hand, we manufacture innovative products.


Most Trusted

We are the most trusted manufacturers maintaining industry standards.

Dealers and
networks in India
Manufacturing Capacity
on a daily basis

Why Saera

We have more than 40+ years of experience.

M/s Saera Electric Auto Pvt Ltd. is a company belonging to the reputed Satra Group of Companies. The group has diversified business interests ranging from Automobile spare parts, Electric vehicles and agriculture equipment.

Having an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company, we were the first one to introduce E-Rickshaw in India. We are primarily engaged in assembling and manufacturing of cleaner and greener Electric two-wheelers and electric Rickshaws. We have the capacity to manufacture 288+ E-Rickshaws on a daily basis.
We are the first company to receive ‘Vehicle Approval Certificate’ from the International Centre for Automotive Technology, Manesar and we are the registered owners of the famous E-Rickshaw brand ‘Mayuri’.

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Are you looking forward to grow with us?

With exceptional product quality and service, we are India’s No.1 E-Rickshaw manufacturer. We invite you to grow your business and bring a lot of meaningful experiences to your customers. Click on the link and fill out the form.

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